Terms and conditions

Quoted costs include GST

All costs quoted are inclusive of GST.

One attendee per registration

One registration cannot be split between attendees, including for online events.

Webinar video recordings provided by LawSense Pty Ltd are for registered attendees and are not to be shared.  The pricing for online events or recordings is per person and the event may not be distributed to or viewed by any person other than the registered attendee and is not to be used for group viewings.

Substitute attendee

You are welcome to provide a substitute attendee if you are not able to attend an event. Please provide us with details of the substitute  attendee prior to the event commencement.  There is no extra charge for attendee substitution.

Event credit

A transfer or credit for a future event is available at no extra charge, providing that notice in writing is given to us more than 24 hours prior to the event.


Full refunds are available where a request is received by us in writing more than five business days prior to an event.

Where a refund request is received less than five full working days, but more than 24 hours before an event, a cancellation administration fee of $42 will be charged.

Regrettably no refunds or credits are able to be provided where we are notified of the non-attendance less than 24 hours before the event.

Bonus Webinars

Where bonus webinars are provided as part of the purchase of events, if the attendee cancels the event, but has attended the webinar or viewed the recording, the attendee will be charged for the webinar.

Program changes

Events or event programs sometimes need to be changed to address unexpected circumstances. LawSense retains the right to cancel, reschedule or vary an event (including an online event) or event program, including changing program timing, topics, speakers or venue. Should an event be cancelled by LawSense, you will receive a full refund of the amount paid. LawSense will not reimburse any travel or accommodation expenses.

Live Online Events & Recordings

Unless otherwise specified, recordings of live online events are available for viewing for 30 days post the event, after which time, access will no longer be available.

Speakers, panelists or attendees of our live online or recorded webinars are not authorised to share, reproduce, record or copy the webinar or any part of it.

Contents of Presentations, Papers & Recordings

The statements, analyses, opinions and conclusions in the event and event papers and materials are those of the relevant speaker or author and not of LawSense Pty Ltd which acts only in the capacity as convenor of educational courses.

Unless otherwise stated, programs are specific to and based on the laws applying to the state in which the seminar is held.

Lawsense Pty Ltd does not consent to the audio or video recording of any speakers, panels or other sessions at events produced by Lawense Pty Ltd.

CPD & Certificates

Certificates may be provided for some events. Where certificates are provided, hard copy certificates are not available for registrations within 72 hours of the event, but are available in soft copy. A guide only as to CPD hours or points available for the relevant event are set out in the certificate or on the relevant event page on our website, though you should check with your registration body for the application of CPD to your individual circumstances.

Special Dietary Requirements

LawSense Pty Ltd will make its best efforts to accommodate dietary restrictions such as gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian meals, but cannot guarantee that these will be available at each event.


Your information is collected for the purposes of processing your seminar registration or purchase of other services or products from LawSense.

LawSense does not provide your information to external companies or individuals, however attendee names, firm or company and position are sometimes provided to seminar speakers, trainers or advisory panel members in order to ensure relevant, optimum content for seminar presentations.

LawSense may send you information and offers through post, email, telephone or SMS. Should you not wish to receive information or offers you can email accounts@lawsense.com.au .

ANZELA Discounts

ANZELA discounts for other than group discounts require individual membership. Group discounts are available with individual and school memberships. ANZELA discounts apply only where offered for specific events.


All notices referred to here should be sent to accounts@lawsense.com.au.

Entry & Registration

Lawsense Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse registration for or entry to any event.


Lawsense Pty Ltd owns any copyright in material it produces including copyright in face-to-face events, live online and recorded webinars and event programs.