LawSense School Policy Writing Workshop

Optimising Effectiveness, Compliance and Legal Protection of Policies & Policy Updates

Date24 May 2024
Time12.00pm-2.30pm AEST (Sydney time)
FormatLive Online & Recorded - recording available for viewing until 24 June 2024 after which access expires
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SectorNon-State Schools
PDAddresses 7.2 of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers


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12.00    LawSense Welcome

12.05    Introductory Remarks

Yana Hall, Risk and Compliance Manager, Mentone Grammar

Policies are the backbone of a well-run school.  Properly structured policies assist the school to mitigate risk and ensure that all stakeholders are supported and facilitated to make good decisions at the coalface.  Well-structured, lawful, and tailored policies, that either build or are in line with your school’s culture are essential. In a fast-moving legal landscape (and minefield), policies need to be monitored and updated. This session will help you ensure your policy writing is effective in protecting the school from ongoing risks; that it simplifies and makes the school function and operations more efficient; and evolves policies in a way that is consistent with school values and direction. 

Ben Tallboys, Principal at Russell Kennedy Lawyers, consulting lawyer to AHISA, will guide you through a unique two-hour program, including case studies, best practice and tips and traps learned from extensive experience.  Yana Hall  from Mentone Grammar will provide practical insight.

12.15    Part 1: Examining Best Practice Policy Frameworks, Identifying Key Policies Required in the Current Environment, Examining Optimal Policy Structures, Key Clauses, and Developing and Updating Policies

Policy Frameworks

  • Exploring best practice policy frameworks to optimise compliance and operations
  • Understanding and optimising frameworks where system level policies are involved
  • Simplifying structures and the relationship between policies to optimise workability, updates and effectiveness

Key Policies, Procedures and Updates in the Current Environment

  • Identifying key policies in the current environment and what is driving change requiring updates
  • Reviewing key policy clauses and updates in different areas
  • Exploring how the Board should be involved in policy development, review and changes
  • Drafting procedures to effectively carry out policies
  • Measuring the effectiveness of policy changes

1.15      Break

1.30      Part 2: Case Studies – Tailoring Policies to Suit Your School Circumstances, Culture and Values and Writing Effective Policy Updates

  • Exploring how different school circumstances, culture and values can change policy approaches, key clauses and policy writing
  • Exploring optimal approaches to policy writing:
    • how much detail is required?
    • writing to ensure you have the flexibility to manage different circumstances and are not “locked in” to a difficult position
    • examining what language and approaches to avoid
    • learnings from case studies and examples
  • Examining effective approaches to consultation and feedback on policies, including who should provide feedback and preparing critical questions
  • Exploring best practice staff training regarding policies
  • Learning from case studies and examples of key policies and policy updates:
    • student supervision
    • students with disabilities
    • respectful workplace behaviour

Ben Tallboys, Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers; Legal Consultant to Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA)

2.25      Concluding Remarks

2.30      Close of Webinar

Presenters / panelists include:

Yana Hall has spent the past 10 years as the Risk and Compliance Manager at Mentone Grammar – a large K – 12 independent school in Melbourne – where she has leveraged her extensive background in manufacturing, health, and mining to develop a pragmatic approach to risk management, health and safety, and policy implementation.
Ben Tallboys provides sector-specific, practical legal solutions to schools across Australia. Ben is a passionate and effective advocate for principals dealing with complex matters relating to parents, staff and students, as well as their own employment.

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